Tony Blackmore and Fiona Grady have produced two key projects experimenting with light’s relationship to surface; 'Light Intersection' at hARTslane Project Space during October 2016 and 'Beacons' at Wimbledon Space during September 2017.  Both projects question our understanding of how we view, filter and experience light in our surroundings and, by translating light through filtering mediums, explore lights relationship with colour.


Tony Blackmore explores the relation between geometry, light, surface and form and creates multi-faceted reliefs from a process of drawing and folding.  Using a polymer-based drafting film with a matte translucent surface, and casting light over the surface of each work, illusions of triangles and parallelograms in differing shades of light and dark appear to shift in movement, depth and shape. This is exaggerated further with the movement of the viewer.

Tony also experiments with photographic lighting filters creating 'Colour Temperature Blue', a series of window hangings on permanent exhibition at St.Peter's-in-the-Forest Church in Epping Forest, London.  Created from Colour Temperature Blue lighting filter, which corresponds to the same colour temperature of sunlight, each hanging is created from a process of layering and folding to replicate the darkening shades of sky blue from sunlight through to nightfall.

Tony is based at City Studios in Walthamstow, northeast London, and graduated with an MA Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2013 where he was awarded the Tokyo Arts and Space Residency. He writes for Saturation Point, an online resource for reductive, geometric and systems artists, and for the E17 Art Trail advises artists on best practice in preparing for an open studio/house event.