Tony Blackmore and Fiona Grady are exploring light’s relationship to surface. They create large-scale interventions that literally draw with light and question our understanding of how we view, filter and experience light in our surroundings. They play with light’s relationship to surface and their interventions question how we view, filter and experience light in our surroundings. In their forthcoming collaboration, ‘Beacons’ they build upon their first project ‘Drawing with Light’.  By translating light through filtering mediums, ‘Beacons’ will explore controlling and subverting the colours of light and the relationship between light and colour.


Tony Blackmore is Inspired by the phenomenal qualities of light, material and form, his work employs a rational methodology of drawing and folding that generates three-dimensional reliefs. Examining notions of drawing, construction and folded space Blackmore uses systematic and logical approaches that include repetition and geometry. By varying the degrees of separation and succession between drawn lines, Blackmore’s main interests lie in the relation between the forms produced when these lines are folded. He plays with the concealment of his hand in the works production; reliefs using graph paper provide a trace of the activity that bought them into being whilst other forms using drafting film can strike a sense of bewilderment in the viewer with regards to their origin and explanation.

Tony lives and works in London and graduated with an MA Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2013 where he was awarded the Tokyo Wondersite Residency Award. He has exhibited widely in group shows throughout the UK and internationally including ‘Wunderkammer’, The Nunnery, London and ‘Down the Dori’, Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo.