For Terrence Brett and Helen Goodwin materials form the initial starting point, they both use cobalt blue and red thread; Terry uses concrete which originates from the ground and comes in a powdered form; Helen uses earth and chalk, ground to a powder. We talk about the line...a line passing through a space; this leads to a line passing through a wall, from one space to another. We talk of the cultural use and significance of red thread. This leads to us deciding to attach it to us both, the line moving, drawing in space as we move in two separate spaces, the thread passing through a small whole in the wall.


Terrence Brett's current work has become an amalgamation of connected areas of interests. It began with the manipulation of found objects and the mnemonic experiences they can induce. This work soon led to investigating how objects could be used to represent a set of emotions, communicative gestures and as a way of suggesting a democratic way of expressing language.

There is an important ambiguity in my work where the attempt to simplify the figurative form and the materials used to imply a gesture, an emotion or even a single word has in many ways become more complex because of the open invitation of interpretation to each new viewer.

The figure used in each work is based on my own height, as it is me putting forward the initial dialogue. The ‘heads’ are the internally cast volumes of used protective packaging that represents the skull and what emerges from the cast internal volume is the brain, the organ within the body that defines who we are and how we communicate.