Sharon McElroy’s and Esperanza Perkins' collaboration arose through a mutual interest in social and gender connections, crafts and traditional skills. This installation combines Esperanza’s crochet skills, passed down through her maternal grandmother with Sharon’s filmmaking and site and community responsive practice. The piece explores common features that are found within domestic crochet and commercial fishing environments. Pattern, repetition, line and form are expressed through the knotting, looping and stitching of yarns and threads and a series of digital ‘video drawings that reference the waterfront of a working harbour. Juxtaposing these structures and contexts, the artists highlight the notion of the decorative and the functional, and ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ traditions.

Sharon's film can be viewed below:

Sharon McElroy’s practice is a response to identity and place, often within the context of social or gender groups and their associated locations. The focus is how individual and shared identities are manifested in particular in relation to clothing and performance and a shared heritage. 'I explore these themes through moving image and sound pieces, including semi-narrative documentary style and animated films.  I also respond to a site or situation through textiles and choreographed performance pieces for which I design and make the costumes and properties'.