Paul Ridyard and Nicki Rolls work is a marriage of lens-based practice and pencil on paper explored through photographic slides projected onto drawing. The images and the projection apparatus are of equal importance.


Paul Ridyard’s work explores the confines and interrelationships between nature and the visual conventions of its history and representation in a theme he calls ‘The Wildernesque’, his interpretation of the mediated landscape. Ruskin’s idea of ‘pathetic fallacy’ is of particular interest to him as it attests to our tendency to project images and ideas onto nature that are the result of underlying cultural constructs. His recent work combines digital prints on architectural planning paper with a photo-real drawing technique. This process exploits the ways in which technology informs, challenges and interacts with landscape’s history and representation, whilst exploring the tension between imitation and authenticity. These unique-multiples exist between the abundance, complexity and speed with which we view the world and our own individual attempts reconcile ourselves with it. 

Paul currently lives and works in London. He completed his MA in 2011, at Wimbledon School of Art. He also studied at Chelsea School of Art and De Montfort University. He has participated in numerous group shows across the UK and internationally.