Nicola and Claire Manning have produced a piece of work that explores human relationship to non-places and investigates drawing with film. Filming in North Greenwich, a site they felt reflected a non-place, an industrial area in the past but which at present sits between its past and new developments being established. Using film to explore our relationships with this non-place to then reconstruct within the gallery space.


Nicola Saunderson investigates architecture and landscaping in locations at the edge of our urban environment. Recent work responding to roundabouts, paths, and underpasses in Milton Keynes. Making drawings that attempt to map and piece together these places that tend to simply be “passed through”. Drawings are informed by photographs, sketches, and notes made, developing these to form a visualisation that deconstructs and maps the architecture and landscaping of the site being observed.  In current pieces, this has become less of a literal mapping to further reflect the experience taken from these locations.  Drawing key features from imagery collected, then layering and ordering it to reflect the mental image formed of the site. The work seeks to emulate the transitional nature of chosen places, whether this is one space, or the experience of many passing views whilst walking.