Nicki Rolls and Paul Ridyard’s work is a marriage of lens-based practice and pencil on paper explored through photographic slides projected onto drawing. The images and the projection apparatus are of equal importance.


Nicki Rolls works with film, painting, drawing and installation to produce works, which explore cinematic and virtual worlds, and the tension which arises between the natural world and its appropriation by technological process. She seeks to interrupt and break down this process, attempting to wrest the image from the grasp of new technology. Often using outdated technology for displaying images and moving image, she attempts to make visible the means of presentation. Her work often makes interventions with video and still images, exploring the moment at which one becomes the other, where drawing or painting becomes animation and still image becomes moving image, and the point at which technology becomes part of the output. In a time when technological advancement has enabled computer-generated environments to enter most aspects of emotional and social experience, she seeks to interrupt what she sees as a drift towards complete virtual living.

Nicki studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art (BA, 2005) and Wimbledon College of Art (MA, 2011). She has exhibited at A.P.T Gallery, (2016), Bargehouse (2015) Late at Tate Britain (digital collaboration, 2014), Hayward Gallery's Concrete Cafe (2012). She won the Jerwood Drawing Prize Student Award.