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Exhibition Dates: 5 - 28th May 2018


Artists Open Houses: This May over 200 artists’ homes and studios are opening their doors to exhibit work from over 1,000 artists and makers in Brighton and Hove, reaching from Portslade to Kemptown, out to Rottingdean, Newhaven and the South Downs village of Ditchling.

Plan your visit around the 13 individual trails shown on the AOH website, or take your pick from the wealth of Open Houses on offer.


Exhibition Dates:  16 - 27 October 2017


Many Sided Thing: A Residency of Collaborations is the first of four exhibitions in the 2017/18 Wimbledon Space programme, along the theme of ‘Against Static: Technologies and Processes of Drawing’.

The individual practices of artists and perceived notions of what drawing can be, will be playfully questioned through a series of collaborative residencies. For two-weeks, a succession of ‘mini residencies’ of established collaborative pairings will unfold, creating new work in response to the gallery and college environments. With overlaps between collaborative groups and through the renegotiation of space, the potential for new interactions and the sparking of fresh conversations is fertile.

VERNISSAGE:       SA.13.MAI 2017  

FINNISAGE:           SA.27.MAI 2017


In ‘Searching the Line’ collaborative work resulting from partnerships and alliances within the Drawing Connections group unfold alongside pieces of work from the artists’ individual practices. The hope is that this approach allows a deeper insight into the themes that emerge when distinct individual narratives are brought together with the objective of opening up new possibilities and opportunities. 

This exhibition offers a platform for drawing in its expanded forms, encompassing a broad range of experimental and traditional media in an extraordinary space. The disused water reservoir, Filter4, in Bruderholz, Basel


Exhibition Dates: 3 - 7 November 2016


A Many Sided Thing will be the second exhibition in a series of collaborative experiments which explore the thresholds of drawing. New collaborations between group members are unfolding and are presented in this show; a platform for collaborative drawing in its expanded forms, encompassing a broad range of media to include site specific work, wall drawings, sculptural pieces, painting, photography, film and animation alongside more traditional approaches.


Exhibition Dates: 23 Sept - 2 Oct 2016


Drawing Connections is a group of 19 artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices and fixed notions of what we might consider drawing.  

Their exhibition ‘On Our Way to Where? marks a point, one year on in the group’s journey. It encompasses a broad range of media, which includes site-specific work, installation, sculpture, film and animation alongside more traditional approaches.

 During this event, seven of the artists will talk about the work they are presenting in the show - and will also discuss the lifecycle of their project as a whole - why they came together as a group and the importance of being able to pursue individual ideas whilst working collaboratively and sharing