Lucy Pereira and Lisa Solovieva’s collaboration is process based and strives to find an intersection between their personal practices. Lucy has a strong interest in the medical universe, reflecting on the transformation and frailties of our bodies. Lisa is interested in how technology interacts with traditional ways of drawing. 

They collaborate remotely using the drawing robot Axidraw3 and oil painting. Lucy provides the drawings, reflecting on the theme ‘micro’ in the context of microbiology, related to the human body. Lisa then incorporates these drawings into her process based practice, taking into consideration all formal aspects of the received material; colour, shape and size, then printing the material with the drawing robot. The process involves open dialogue and reflection upon the formal aspects of the work. In the final stages of our collaboration they edit the produced material and decide on the ways to present the idea.

Lucy Pereira and Chris Cawkwell reflect upon corporeal aesthetics of consumerism through the act of chewing and discarding gum – asking the public to transform, adapt and create the work through the placement of gum on a wall mounted table. This growing archive of chewed gum acts as a portrait of each participant/performer; imprinted by their teeth, spit and DNA. Questioning: does the body consume its surroundings to a point where we are devouring and excreting our own identities, (albeit identities that are performed)?

‘Reality is constantly under construction and its creation never ends, consequently the consumer starts to question reality and the self’
– R. Elliot & K. Wattanaswan

It is impossible to escape the ubiquitous nature of consumerism. We are sold an ideal. A notion of what our lives could be if only we own the latest, the best. But, much like chewing gum – with it’s loss of flavour and value, shape and form – consumerism often leaves us empty. Still we consume. Symbols of status and the body itself.  For their collaborative work, (Ways of Seeing)