Lisa Solovieva and Lucy Pereira’s collaboration is process based and strives to find an intersection between their personal practices. Lucy has a strong interest in the medical universe, reflecting on the transformation and frailties of our bodies. Lisa is interested in how technology interacts with traditional ways of drawing.  They collaborate remotely using the drawing robot Axidraw3 and oil painting. Lucy provides the drawings, reflecting on the theme ‘micro’ in the context of microbiology, related to the human body. Lisa then incorporates these drawings into her process based practice, taking into consideration all formal aspects of the received material; colour, shape and size, then printing the material with the drawing robot. The process involved open dialogue and reflection upon the formal aspects of the work. In the final stages of our collaboration we edit down the produced material and decide on the ways to present the idea.

Lisa and Camilla Brueton are exploring virtual place through collaborative drawing processes. Initial research has looked at places within Second Life and architectural models that exist online. Both artists make work in response to selected images of virtual places. This work is then swapped, with each artist exploring a response to ‘virtual place’ made by the other by continuing the other’s drawing.


Lisa Solovieva is a Swiss, Russian London based artist. Her practice can be positioned within a discourse about the condition of drawing in a post-digital landscape, exploring the material experience of drawing in the age of the screen and the role of analogue technology to generate painted form.  

She completed a BA in Communication Graphic Design at ECAL Switzerland and a Masters degree in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art. Her work has been exhibited internationally including The National Gallery.