Claire and Nicola Saunderson have produced a piece of work that explores human relationship to non-places and investigates drawing with film. Filming in North Greenwich, a site they felt reflected a non-place, an industrial area in the past but which at present sits between its past and new developments being established. Using film to explore our relationships with this non-place to then reconstruct within the gallery space.


Claire Manning makes collages that may only fully and completely exist in the minds-eye of the observer. These montages are held loosely in place, folded temporarily or built-up using assemblage, installation, film, print or poster. I work with appropriated photographs and with non-places that feel overlooked, abandoned and lost, commenting on issues relating to identity, power, control and desire, and exploring how vulnerable fixed ideas are to subversion. I collect disparate fragments from different sources and reconstruct them into something new to produce ephemeral possibilities that contain a hint of truth.