Camilla and Lisa Solovieva are exploring virtual place through collaborative drawing processes. Initial research has looked at places within Second Life and architectural models that exist online. Both artists make work in response to selected images of virtual places. This work is then swapped, with each artist exploring a response to ‘virtual place’ made by the other by continuing the other’s drawing.

Negotiating place, memory and the construction of drawings, Camilla Brueton and Ruben Hale have undergone a process of collaboration – at a distance. A conversation around memory and place, and the links between the two took place in person under the bandstand in Lincoln Inns Fields. Images of places were then exchanged via the post, as starting points for drawings. 


Camilla Brueton is a London based artist who is curious about how place is made. She is interested in the aspirations embodied by landscape, architecture and infrastructure and the everyday life that unfolds around it. These actions are generative and contribute to the ever-changing transience of place. The construction of images is also a formal concern explored through her work- how we frame and are framed by the world around us.

Brueton makes small works on paper, but also produces large, multilayered installations. Her work brings disparate places and viewpoints into the same frame. A conversation begins; nature exerts itself, a pile of rubble becomes a mountain viewed through a train window; on a journey to where? New forms are created and the fabric of place is spun through her mark making. Brueton likes to continue conversations around the creation of place, as she draws live and interacts with an audience. She also writes, and has produced both creative and academic work that has been published and performed recently.