Balint Bolygo and Anjelika Steiger’s work intersects on a wavelength that is integral in both artist’s individual work - the exploration of the ‘every day’ found in objects or materials. Their artistic process reveals unexpected mysteries behind the seemingly ordinary. Their collaborative sculptural works explore the ‘book’ both as an object and material.  Kinetic mechanisms animate surfaces to create tactile objects that are in constant flux. The sculptures tantalize the viewer by inviting a closer investigation, tempting a haptic interaction and never revealing their inner secret completely.


Bolygó’s work explores the similarity between the artistic and scientific mind. His work explores how both minds are motivated by the same need to discover/uncover, and turn resulting ideas into totalities.

His work explores the artistic practice through a process of invention, science and engineering. His mechanical instruments become autonomous and investigate the making process independently. The relationship between the cyclic and predictable nature of the machine and the unpredictability of the human touch conjures up both notions of random chaos and universal order. With the elimination of the artist’s touch, the natural universal forces become the creators of the artwork and the emphasis shifts towards the ‘act of creation’ being the object of beauty. The machine’s process and the resulting images become inseparable dynamics of the work.